MIX Vintage Mid-Century Bar Cart

This rustic mid-century bar cart with original signed art on the top and two vintage liquor bottles (vodka, bourbon) is simply gorgeous. (SOLD)

Spruced up the MIX Vintage space at Screen Door this weekend! Why not stop in on your lunch hour for a stress-free mid-day break? Just ask for Dealer #424’s space. Always feel free to contact me, and be sure to click “continue reading” to see more. Enjoy the view and have a great week!

MIX Vintage Detail Mid-Century Bar Cart

Detail of the artwork on the top of the cart. I was told this is a Spanish piece, but it could be Italian.

MIX Vintage 1961 Concrete Deer

These two 1961 concrete deer are perfectly weathered and in very nice condition especially after being outdoors for 50 years. ($325 pair)

MIX Vintage Antique French Dome Nest Shells Feathers

This authentic antique French dome was originally used to display a religious icon in a church in a small town in France a hundred years ago. Now it’s filled with beautiful bits of nature – naturescape included. (SOLD)

MIX Vintage Henry Ford II Photo

This large rustic sepia photo of the Henry Ford II is mounted on board. Frayed and stained at the edges and oh so beautiful (48″x32″). Built to transport iron ore across the Great Lakes, the ship was named after Henry Ford’s grandson. (SOLD)

MIX Vintage Seltzer Bottles Industrial Lamp

And check out this amazing lamp with the beautiful vintage seltzer bottles (SOLD). It’s a retro-fitted industrial mixer base!

Images via me.

MIX Vintage at Screen Door